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The Disability Tax Credit

Many Canadians have never heard of the Disability Tax Credit and do not realize that they may qualify for thousands of dollars of tax rebates every year.

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Benefits can be denied when the information is applied incorrectly. The application can be difficult to understand. Let us make the process easy for you.


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The government of Canada through the Canada Revenue Agency recognizes that disabled Canadians have expenses that other Canadians simply do not have. The Federal government has in place an ability for disabled Canadians to regain some of the taxes they have paid.

Often people with disabilities think that they are not disabled enough to qualify, but disabilities come in all shapes and sizes.

In many cases, Canadians with disabilities do not consider themselves disabled. However, under the criteria of the Canada Revenue Agency they may qualify in terms of the Disability Tax Credit.

If you have an impairment that effects things such as your walking, your ability to dress yourself, or your mental function, you may qualify. If it takes you longer to dress yourself in the morning or if it takes you longer to walk from the parking lot into the grocery store, you may qualify. There are many more disabilities that may qualify you for a tax rebate.

Disabled adults can receive up to $17,000 in rebates — disabled children can receive up to $35,000 in tax rebates.

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